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Rimac, National Nature Reserve South Landing
Theddlethorpe Dunes Flamborough Head
Lincolnshire, UK East Yorkshire, UK

  South Landing
  Flamborough Head
  East Yorkshire, UK

Rimac: One of the best places that I've ever visited in search of wildlife. On a week long visit to Lincolnshire, we will visit Rimac at least twice. Each time we visit Rimac we see something new, lizards, moths, butterflies, Natterjack Toads. marsh birds, birds of prey and many more.

Rimac is part of a National Nature Reserve which is several miles along side the coast, from Mablethorpe northwards to the Humber Estuary. It is mainly ancient established sand dunes, with some marshy areas, and wild flower meadows. It is home to hundreds of species, including some nationally scarce and rare insects. The Great Eau River also runs through the Rimac area, which often has Mute Swans and many dragonflies, including the Migrant Hawker.

Best visited when the winds are at low strength, or at least coming from the west, especially for macro photography. Some of the wild flowers are a wonder to behold, and includes several species of orchids. For flowers and insects Rimac is at it's best from May through to early October, but is still worth a visit out of season, their are still many bird species to see. Another highlight around the pools are the resident dragonfly population, including Four-spotted Chaser, Ruddy, Common Darters and the Natter jack's.

South Landing: One of the places to visit on the coastal peninsular of Flamborough Head. This peninsular is situated on the east coast of Yorkshire, between Bridlington just to the south, and Whitby to the north. There was a nice cafe here, but it burnt down, since it's been replaced by a visitor centre.

There is a beach and lifeboat station at the base of the cliffs, and some beautiful cliff top walks. This area like most of the peninsular has abundant wildlife. There are many kinds of birds, butterflies and moths to be seen. In fact quite a few of the early images on my first website were taken from South Landing, and Danes Dyke. The steep, barely sloping cliffs are well vegetated, lots of Gorse, Bracken, Birds-foot Trefoil and many other kinds of plants.

There is a rough pasture bordering the north cliff top path, which has many wild flowers, including lots of nectar yielding Common Ragwort. Some years at the right time lots of Wall Brown butterflies can be seen feeding on the Ragwort. Antler Moths are also common to see at times, they too are attracted to the Ragwort. I have seen many Dragonflies here, Common Darters are numerous, as are many day flying moth species. On a glorious, warm  summer day the cliff top is an oasis of wonderful wildlife.

Rimac, National Nature Reserve South Landing South Landing South Landing
Theddlethorpe Dunes Flamborough Head Flamborough Head Flamborough Head
Lincolnshire, UK East Yorkshire, UK East Yorkshire, UK East Yorkshire, UK


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