Summer Jewels                                                    Poetry by Dave Hatton.

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Summer Jewels

by Dave Hatton

Shimmering hot sunny days are but few this year

When they do come, we all anticipate the scene

Grassy meadows filled with flowers in a hazy blur 

Buzzing with insects in amongst acres of green


Then comes along fluttering on the gentlest breeze

Beautiful, graceful and delicate like a flying jewel

Going from flower, to flower with such great ease

Then flying away, oh so quickly on past the pool


Peacocks, Comma and Brimstone are whirling around

Tortoiseshell and Admirals all making their last stand

The leaves, grasses and flowers are now well browned

Closing down fast, the end of summer now at hand


© Copyright Dave Hatton 2020



It Got Away Again!

by Dave Hatton


Checking the bulb, packing all our gear into the car

Excitement fills our veins, we tremble with expectation

Closing in now, our favourite wood is not very far

Will tonight be the night, we capture a rare aberration


Arriving there, just as the sun is setting on the land

Early dusk flyers are already moving, flitting around

The lamps bluish glow, now itís all going as planned

As darkness falls, we hear the eerie howl of a hound


Today in this wood, so lucky to see the Queen of Spain

Moths diving and swooping, gathering around the light

Howling again, that nearby farmís fierce Great Dane

Caddis are now moving and stirring, ready to take flight


Here it comes, this must be the one, now entering the fray

If I donít catch you tonight, I will surely go mentally insane

In the trap, out again, in out, in out will it go, or will it stay

Shiver me timbers and blow me down!

                                                           the little beggars got away again.


© Copyright Dave Hatton 2022

Moth trappers do not harm their captive moths, unlike these units in fish and chip parlours.

Moth trappers identify, record for conservation purposes,  and then release their catches unharmed.



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