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My best picture for each month of this year - 2023

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My Venture into Serious Birding

Although I took a few bird photographs during the thirty years that I was interested in entomology, I only became seriously interested in birds during late August, and early September 2022.

Deciding that I wanted to specialize in water fowl, my first attempts at Woodhall lake on the border of Bradford and Leeds were a bit erratic. After a while I started to get the hang of it, and started producing better quality pictures.

Luckily for me my wife likes feeding the ducks. we have spent a small fortune this year on the purchase of suitable avian food products. Unfortunately Elaine doesn't like change, it can take ages to persuade her to try some where new to us.

Soon I was visiting other nearby lakes and pools, starting with Yeadon Tarn. After many visits here I soon came to realise that to see a greater variety of birds, I would have to visit other area's. So it wasn't to long before we were visiting Golden Acre and Roundhay Parks. I also visit Farnley Balancing Reservoir on my own, Elaine still takes me and picks me up, but will not feed the ducks there.

This year we also visited Norfolk twice during 2023, for a week each time. We hired a chalet at the Norfolk Woods and spa Resort each time, this made a good base to explore various attractions in the county. During these two visits to Norfolk I added many new species to my bird collection, including some exotic species, and a few animals.

After finally trying Farnley Reservoir on the 2nd of June this year, I have been delighted by the many different species I see there, that I have not seen at other local pools. Nearly every time I go there, I see something new including my first Northern Shoveler in the wild.

Although we have been in the past, before covid 19, we started visiting R.S.P.B Fairburn Ings again quite regularly. There I manage to get my first images of Little Egrets, since I have seen both Little, and Great Egrets at Farnley Reservoir.






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