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Hawthorn (Iridaceae) of the British Isles

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Rosales - Rosaceae Rosales - Rosaceae
Hawthorn - Hawthorn -
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Rosales - Rosaceae Rosales - Rosaceae
Hawthorn - Hawthorn -


UK Status: Native and resident.

Flowering Period: From late April through to early June. This rosaceous shrub can start flowering anytime from late April to late May depending on seasonal temperatures and sunlight. But it is always in flower in May, hence the name 'May Blossom'. The flowers have a very heavy pungent smell, which is easily recognized. These flowers are favoured by many insects as a food source, including bees, moths and butterflies. There are pink flowering varieties, and this pinkish hue can be caused by soil conditions, or there are some that are naturally pink.

Appx Height: From a few centimetres up to 360 centimetres in height, and even greater. It can be part of a hedgerow, which vary greatly in height. Or as a stand alone plant, from the size of a small shrub, or even a small tree.

Habitat: This plant seems to take to most soil conditions, and is found in a large variety of situations. It is commonly used in farming as a hedging plant, and can be seen growing as a stand alone plant. Found on waste ground, disused railway lines, heaths, commons, gardens, parks etc.

Comment: This plant is common and well distributed throughout the British Isles.


(Tourn) (Tourn) (Tourn) (Tourn)
Rosales - Rosaceae Rosales - Rosaceae Rosales - Rosaceae Rosales - Rosaceae
Hawthorn - Hawthorn - Hawthorn - Hawthorn -


Local Ebird Hotspot - Woodhall Lake, West Yorkshire

Local Ebird Hotspot - Yeadon Tarn, West Yorkshire

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