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Micro Families 1.005 to 32.007


Plain Gold - Micropterix calthella Green Long-horn - Adela reaumurella Green Long-horn - Adela reaumurella Yellow-barred Long-horn - Nemophora degeerella Sandy Long-horn - Nematopogon Schwarziellus

Large Long-horn - Nematopogon Swammerdamella Cork Moth- Nemapogon cloacella Fulvous Clothes Moth - Tinea semifulvella Skin Moth - Monopsis laevigella Common Slender - Gracillaria syringella

Horse Chestnut Leaf Miner - Cameraria ohridella Firethorn Leaf Miner - Phyllonorycter leucographella Bird-cherry Ermine - Yponomeuta evonymella Orchard Ermine - Yponomeuta padella Apple Ermine -Yponomeuta mallinus

Wainscot Smudge - Ysolopha scabrella Honeysuckle Moth - Ysolopha dentella Pied Smudge - Ysolopha  sequella Triple-barred Argent - Argyresthia trifasciata Diamond-back Moth - Plutella xylostella

Hawthorn Moth - Scythropia crataegella Golden Argent - Argyresthia goedartella White-shouldered House Moth - Endrosis sarcitrella Brown House Moth - Hoffmannophila pseudospretella Small Dingy Tubic - Borkhausenia fuscescens

Golden-brown Tubic - Crassa unitella Sulphur Tubic - Esperia sulphurella Red-letter Flat-body - Agonopterix ocellana Ruddy Streak - Tachystola acroxantha March Tubic - Diurnaea fagella

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