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Some of My Best Bird Images from 2023

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Mallard (white hybrid) Egyptian Goose Northern Shoveler (male)
Anas platyrhynchos hybridus Alopochen aegyptiaca Spatula clypeata
Red-Crested Pochard (male) Mute Swan Ferruginous Duck (male)
Netta rufina Cygnus olor Aythya nyroca
Barnacle Goose Goosander (females) Greylag Goose
Branta leucopsis Mergus merganser Anser anser
Eurasian Coot Mandarin Duck (male) Common Moorhen
Fulica atra Aix galericulata Gallinula chloropus
Great-crested Grebe Grey Heron Lesser Black-backed Gull
Podiceps cristatus Ardea cinerea Larus fuscus
Great Cormorant Little Egret Tufted Duck (male)
Phalacrocorax carbo Egretta garzetta Aythya fuligula
House Sparrow (male) Carrion Crow House Sparrow (female)
Passer domesticus Corvus corone Passer domesticus
Eurasian Blackbird European Robin Eurasian Jackdaw
Turdus merula Erithacus rubecula Corvus monedula
Common Starling Inca Tern Common Chaffinch
Sturnus vulgaris Larosterna inca Fringilla coelebs
Great Tit (juvenile) Chilean Flamingo Pied Wagtail
Parus major Phoenicopterus chilensis Motacilla alba
  STAR IMAGE OF 2023 Some More Great Pictures from 2023

2023 A Great Start to my Bird Photography

What a great year it's been for me after only starting serious bird photography in late 2022. My best of each month collage doesn't really do full justice to my best 2023 pictures. Some months like June, and September when I was in Norfolk I took many good photographs, which included a lot of new species.

Egyptian Geese - Ferruginous Duck - Inca Tern - Little Egret

The Ferruginous Duck, Egyptian Goose, Red-crested Pochard and Inca Tern were the first ever sightings for me, and also lifers that I can tick off my list. Also I have noted, and photographed several first time new species for me, all seen in my local area around Leeds. These include Goosander, Northern Shoveler, Great Egret, Little Egret and Lesser Black-backed Gull.

Northern Shoveler - Red-crested Pochard - Goosander

Of course having been to two zoo's in Norfolk I also saw some exotic species, that I may never have otherwise seen. These include Bar-headed Geese, Red-breasted geese, Chilean Flamingo, Scarlet Ibis, Striated Cara Cara, Great Grey Owl, Verreaux's Owl, Black-footed Penguins, Humboldt Penguins, Black-necked Swan, Laughing Falcon and Greater Rhea.

Laughing Falcon - Chilean Flamingo - Black-necked Swan

As well as the birds we saw many animals in these two zoo's Patagonia Mara Mara were very tame, coming right up to you with their babies. Mara Mara are classed as giant rodents, as as is Azara's Agouti. Also viewed were South American Tapir, Blue-eyed Black Lemur, Asian Small-clawed Otters and Meerkats.

Azala's Agouti - Patagonian Mara Mara - South American Tapir

Asian Small-clawed Otters - Blue-eyed Black Lemur




  Great Cormorant  


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