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Macro Families 3.001 to 70.013


Orange Swift - Hepialus sylvina Common Swift - Hepialus lupulinus Map-winged Swift - Hepialus fusconebulosa Gold Swift - Hepialus hecta Ghost Moth - Hepialus humuli

Ghost Moth - Hepialus humuli Six-spot Burnet - Zygaena filipendulae Five-spot Burnet - Zygaena trifolii trifolii Narrow-bordered Five-spot Burnet - Zygaena latomarginata Scalloped Hook-tip - Falcaria lacertinaria

Pebble Hook-tip - Drepana falcataria Pebble Hook-tip - Drepana falcataria Chinese Character - Cilix glaucata Buff Arches - Habrosyne pyritoides Figure of Eighty - Tethae ocularis octogesimae

Oak Eggar - Lasiocampa quercus (callunae) The Drinker - Philudoria potatoria The Drinker - Philudoria potatoria Lime Hawk Moth - Mimas tiliae Eyed Hawk Moth - Smerinthus ocellata

Poplar Hawk Moth - Laothoe populi Poplar Hawk Moth - Laothoe populi Poplar Hawk Moth - Laothoe populi Broad-bordered Bee Hawk - Hemaris fuciformis Elephant Hawk Moth - Deilephila elpnor


Dwarf Cream Wave - Idaea fuscovenos

Small Dusty Wave - Idaea seriata Single-dotted Wave - Idaea dimidiata Small Fan-footed Wave - Idaea biselata  

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