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Local Ebird Hotspot - Woodhall Lake, West Yorkshire

Local Ebird Hotspot - Yeadon Tarn, West Yorkshire

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Mallard male Mallard female Mallard leucistic female Mallard Hybrids Mallard Hybrids

Mallard Hybrids Mallard Hybrids

Mandarin female

Mandarin male

Tufted Duck Male

Tufted Duck Female Pochard male Northern Shoveler (male Northern Shoveler (female Red-crested Pochard (male)


Red-crested Pochard (female) Common Goldeneye  Eurasian Teal (male) Eurasian Teal (female) Ferruginous Duck

Gadwall Duck (Male) Gadwall Duck (female Shelduck Goosander (male ) Goosander (female )
Mute Swan adult Mute Swan juvenile Canada Goose Canada/Greylag Goose Hybrid Greylag Goose
Egyptian Goose Red-breasted Goose Barnacle Goose Bar-headed Goose Moorhen
Coot Little Grebe Great-crested Grebe Herring Gull Common Gull

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