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All new pictures, and new species added to the website will be announced on this page. Click on the photo on the What's New page UK BUTTERFLIES More than forty species of British Butterflies.


A six page list of all species on this website. Use the green page number, and back buttons to easily flit from page to page. MACRO MOTHS More than two hundred and fifty species of British Macro Moths.


If you know what family the species belongs to, use these lists  to find the required species. THE FLORIDA ADVENTURE My adventures in America, and butterflies of Florida.


A selection of Damselflies photographed in the British Isles. TROPICAL BUTTERFLIES Some Butterflies and Moths from around the world.


A selection of Chasers, Hawkers, and Darter Dragonflies photographed in the British Isles. HOVERFLIES Fourteen species of Hoverflies from around the British Isles.
TRUE BUGS A selection of Shield bugs, Froghoppers and other assorted bugs, photographed in the UK. UK BIRDS - WATER FOWL Some Mallards, Hybrids, Mandarin, Tufted Duck, Pochard Duck, Shelduck, Mute Swans, Canada Geese, Greylag Geese, Hybrid Geese, Moorhen, Coot, Black-headed Gull, Avocet, Heron Shag, and Great Cormorant, pictures
BEETLES A collection of Beetles and Ladybirds photographed in the British Isles. UK BIRDS - HEDGES & FIELDS Photographs of Kingfisher, Reed  Bunting, Pied Wagtail, Pheasant, Goldfinch, Robin Song Thrush, Blackbird, Carrion Crow, Magpie, Jackdaw, and Wood Pigeon .


Some British Caddis Flies caught while trapping moths FUNGI Species of Bracket Fungi, and Inkcaps.
ALDERFLY A single British Alderfly encountered whilst butterfly spotting. MAMMALS Grey Seals and Grey Squirrel
CRANE FLY Two species of Crane Fly including the common' Daddy Longlegs'. REPTILES Common Lizard
BEE FLY The largest British Bee Fly. HABITATS Places where I have taken many of my photographs on this website, Woodhall Lake, Yeadon Tarn, South Landing and Rimac.
BEES Some common English Bumble Bees. WILD FLOWERS Some wild flowers  Irish Heath, White Water Lily, Scarlet Pimpernel, Danish Scurvy GrassLady's Smock, Wild Horseradish, Bee Orchid, Common-spotted Orchid, Common Centaury, Wood Sage, Dwarf Iris, Snowdrop, Winter Aconite, Lesser Celandine and Dandelion.
WASPS Solitary Wasps and Parasitic Wasps seen in the UK. UK SPIDERS Cross Orb-weaver
SAWFLY The Hawthorn sawfly


Some wildlife from South America, Tapir, Mara, Azara's Agouti, Passion Flower, Chilean Flamingo, Inca Tern, Laughing Falcon and a few others.

MICRO MOTHS Over a hundred and thirty species of Micro Moths.


Just a couple of species for now, Meerkats, and Black-footed Penguins.



One or two species from the Asian continent, including Bactrian Camel and Asian Small-clawed Otter.

  Go to 'All species List' for species guide thumbs   Go to 'What's New' to see my latest images

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